Elio Jose Goncalves

  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Jan 08, 2018
Full time Engineering

Personal Summary

Petroleum Engineer professional with over 10 years of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry focused on Reservoir and Production Engineering in off-shore and on-shore fields, light and heavy oil reservoirs in South America and Europe. Proven expertise in artificial lift system design, optimization and troubleshooting (SR, PCP & ESP), sand control techniques, well reviews for optimization, production monitoring and surveillance activities’ analysis. Demonstrated proficiency in performing complex tasks involving OOIP and reserves estimation, production logging evaluation, waterflood projects surveillance/optimization, production forecasts and reservoir/field performance evaluation. Career track record of successful accomplishments.

Work Experience

Senior Production Engineer
Aug 2014 - Mar 2016 OMV Oil&Gas

Only Senior Production Engineer in OMV Austria in charge of evaluating, providing and applying new technologies; developing projects for ALS run life improvements in 650 Producers; and coaching Production Technologists

- Oversee new technologies evaluation and field applicability focused on artificial lift systems, including sand handling plungers for SRP, plunger lift, hydraulic pump units and a continuous fluid level measurement device.

- Manage the design and optimization for current ALS installed pumps, including Sucker Rod Pumps (SRP), Progressive cavity Pumps (PCP) and Electro submergible pumps (ESP).

- Evaluate well integrity and propose upgrades and improvements. New wells maturation process participation.

- Track and evaluate well failures to identify root cause and improvement opportunities.

Production Engineering Team Leader
Sep 2013 - Aug 2014 Chevron Corp.

PE Team leader in North Area (6 Production Engineers); responsible for monitoring and increasing the production of 250 producers with a total production of 45MBOPD through different production engineering activities

- Performed tasks involving artificial lift design, optimization and troubleshooting for various types of ALS.

- Conducted well reviews for optimization, production monitoring through well test validation and surveillance activities analysis of fluid levels, dyna cards, fluid samples, sand cut and water cut evaluation.

- Implemented QA/QC PE subsurface well programs for pumps changes and MRWO.

- Identified LIWO and MRWO candidates for production incremental.

- Tracked optimization jobs production incremental, pumps run life and metrics.

- Performed annual well reviews with reservoir, geology and operation teams.

- Collaborated with service companies to New Technologies identification to improve pumps run life.

- Oversaw ALS contracts and services contracts for downhole and surface equipment.

Production Engineer
Oct 2008 - Sep 2013 Chevron Corp.

Production Engineer responsible for the production of 125 wells (7 gathering stations) with an associated production of 35MBOPD; also served as the New Wells coordinator for Boscan Field (2010-2013 Campaign - 60 wells)

- Artificial lift systems selection, design and optimization for Beam Pumps, Progressive cavity Pumps (PCP) & Electro submergible pumps (ESP) for new and existing wells.

- Managed MRWO and LIWO candidate selection for Matrix stimulation, clean outs, water shut offs, add/re-perf.

- Designed depletion plans, identified locations for new wells, analyzed offset wells performance to new well’s production prognosis and studied sand control techniques study.

- Oversaw development areas by flow station and production monitoring through well test validation.

- Managed various projects involving alternative PCP vendors, ESP design improvements, PCP improvement projects, well construction and PCP downhole sensors.

- Performed ALS evaluation and monitoring through pump behavior parameters.

- Served as a Boscan Field PCP and VFD purchase and service contracts administrator; open bid technical evaluation.

Reservoir Engineer
Feb 2006 - Oct 2008 Chevron Corp.

LL-652 off-shore Reservoir Engineer responsible for entire field reserves estimation, as well as two waterflood projects optimization (32 injection wells and 70 producers); production associated 6,3 MBOPD

- Conducted Corporative Reserves and Resources estimation, decline curve analysis and analog reservoirs comparison.

- Performed Original Oil in place (OOIP) and recovery factor calculations for black oil and gas condensate reservoirs through volumetric methods and material balance.

- Conducted waterflood project surveillance and optimization (Internal 5-spot patterns).

- Provided production forecasts through nodal analysis/analog wells and economical analysis.

- Identified mayor rig work over; conducted injection and production logging evaluations and wireline data validation; and carried out reservoir’s production potential estimation.

Petroleum Engineering Thesis/Intership
Jul 2005 - Feb 2006 Chevron Corp.


- Implemented a Waterflood project evaluation applied as secondary recovery process in the LL-652 field; this involved invasion radius, breakthrough time, displacement and volumetric sweep efficiencies calculation.


- Performed Original volume in place (OOIP) and recovery factors calculation for gas condensate reservoirs.


Bachelor’s Degree, Petroleum Engineering
Oct 1998 - Jun 2005 Universidad del Zulia LUZ